The Right Candidate

Leave the hiring to us

We take a different approach to recruiting.
We value quality over quantity. We don't pitch a job directly to the candidate.
Instead, we do an extensive interview and vetting process to see if they are a candidate that
we would like to work with and determine if they are at the top of their skill set.


Whether you need temporary assistance with high-volume requirements, implementing a HR program, or any short-term assignment, we are here to help.


Our consultants offer expertise in high-level areas of HR and bring unmatched work experience in various industries.


We continuously network and maintain relationships with top HR talent to provide you with the best candidate to fill the position quickly.

What We Do

The Right Process

Service offerings

We offer three service offerings to our clients so you have choices about which
plan is best for your budget and team. Contact us for pricing or questions
about services specific to your company.


  • Pure contingency
  • No obligation to pay anything if the search is not successful
  • 3 month guarantee
  • Guarantee at least 3 qualified candidates within 30 days


  • Up front engagement fee
  • Contingency fee less the engagement fee
  • 4 month guarantee
  • Guarantee at least 3 qualified candidates within 30 days
  • Exclusivity


  • 1/3 up front fee
  • 1/3 after 3 qualified candidates have been presented and 1/3 after the search is completed
  • Exclusivity
  • 5 month guarantee

Defining The Position

We work closely with you, in-person, to define the position and get the best understanding of what is most important to you and your team. This is one of the most important steps in the recruiting process.


We are continuously sourcing great talent in the market. 90% of our candidates are referred to us and we have a built network of talent. That is where the sourcing begins.


We screen all candidates in-person and take them through an intensive screening process before we consider them for a position.


Our interview process takes over an hour and we drill in to what the candidates motives for change are and what they're missing in their current role in order to make a move.

Post-Hire Support

We don't make a placement and then disappear. We are proud that over 90% of our clients are recurring clients and continue to work with us on growing their HR teams. We build lasting relationships.

Ready for the right talent? We are always searching.

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