Inclusion and Diversity: A Hot Topic in Human Resources

Inclusion and diversity in the workplace is a focused, hot-button issue for the majority of employers, and as the national culture shifts it from an amenity to a standard, recruiters and recruitment organizations are feeling the pressure to integrate diversity and inclusion best practices into their daily operations. According to a recent Forbes article, which details various surveys exploring workplace diversity, maintaining a diverse and inclusive workforce now directly affects the potential of a company’s growth and innovation.

Much like the United States’ initial immigration practices, the “Melting Pot” effect in a workforce provides a mashup of cultural identities, personalities, experiences, etc., all of which converge at the conference table to innovate concepts applicable to a more universal audience than the traditional cis-white-male rut that many criticize as Corporate America’s status quo.

Inclusion and Diversity Is More than a Fad
It’s crucial for both emerging and established companies to understand that inclusivity and diversity isn’t a fad, trend, or contemporary strategy. There is no turning back. Forbes projects that over the next three years (at minimum), companies will dedicate increasing amounts of money and resources to either create or develop existing inclusivity programs, most of which fall under the latter: development.

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