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Latest Trends in Denver's Human Resources Market

Current Trends in HR (Yes, Including Coronavirus)

With a finger on the pulse of current workplace culture, it’s impossible to ignore the Coronavirus pandemic. As we are all aware, this outbreak is forcing the world and average workplace to adapt to a changing environment daily.These changes, while oftentimes abrupt and unwelcome, offer unique opportunities to review trends and reassess your business and … Continued

AI (Artificial Intelligence) Recruiting: The Good, the Bad, and the Solution

AI (Artificial Intelligence) Recruiting: The Good, the Bad, and the Solution Enterprise technology advances are inevitable, and oftentimes, welcome. They can ease efforts and manage nuisances that impede company progress. Other times, employees can see technological advances as a threat, worrying their jobs are at risk of outsourcing, downsizing, or repurposing. The latest technology in … Continued

Inclusion and Diversity: A Hot Topic in Human Resources

Inclusion and diversity in the workplace is a focused, hot-button issue for the majority of employers, and as the national culture shifts it from an amenity to a standard, recruiters and recruitment organizations are feeling the pressure to integrate diversity and inclusion best practices into their daily operations. According to a recent Forbes article, which … Continued

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